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After half a year’s time, the unveiling ceremony of “The Heart of BZB” theatre has been held on April 2ned, 2014. Eight Leaders unveil for the new theatre who are from National Aquatic Wildlife Conservation Association, State Oceanic Administration, China Disabled Person’s Federation, Beijing Association for Science and Technology, Chaoyang Association for Science and Technology, Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development, Beijing Workers’ Sports Complex and New Zealand Blue Zoo Beijing. BTV-1 reported in the evening prime time. Five newspaper media reported as well.

“The Heart of BZB” theatre is the first produced in the country , it is creative with high technology content. And is extremely popular with the tourists!

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历时近半年的场馆技术改造收官,《海洋之心》剧场的揭幕仪式于2014年4月2日上午在富国海底世界的海洋之心剧场进行。中国水生野生保护中心、国家海洋 局、中残联精协、北京市科协、北京市旅游委、朝阳区科协、北京工体中心主任原浩、北京富国海底世界总经理常英等八位主管领导为北京工体富国海底世界《海洋 之心》剧场揭幕。BTV-1在当晚的黄金时段进行了新闻报道,北京晚报、晨报、午报等5家媒体也进行了相关报道。